Michael Brannan

Photographer, Adventurer, and Fine-Artist

I am a trained photographer based out of the Pacific Northwest with a few decades experience. For a long time now I have been developing my craft, going on expeditions around the world producing photographic stills, videos, and books on my travels, and working in my chosen field. I love what I do and I see myself primarily as an artist and storyteller whose preferred medium is a camera. My first camera was a gift to me from my grandparents when I was 10 and I have been in love with the art form ever since.

To me, photography is a lifestyle and mediative practice that draws me out into the wider world and makes me a better person than I was before. The pursuit of an image or video clip forces me to move slowly and to look deeply into everything around me, and I feel that this practice draws me closer to the people, animals, and places I photograph. It is my hope that this connection to the subjects I photograph comes through in the images and that the final products can be every bit as moving as the moment they capture.

In addition to photography I have had a lifelong passion for adventure travel and the world at large. Most of my childhood heroes were adventurers and NatGeo photographers, and at a young age I began to imitate them. I led my first backcountry expedition at the age of sixteen, spent some time in the 90’s hitchhiking the southwest and hiking the PCT without a permit, and I spent my twenties either studying environmental geography and photography in college or going on military expeditions in the Middle East. Since then I have been traveling the world learning to work in massive cities and in remote and trail-less parts of the world ranging from the Syrian Desert to the Arctic.