Native America

The Americas have a rich cultural legacy stretching back more than13,000 years (there is some evidence that human habitation began much farther back than even that).

No mere monolith Native Americans present to the world as a diverse people as varied as any found on earth.

A myriad of diversities is found both in their traditional lifeways and in how they have adapted to colonial incursion while spending more than 500 years under siege and fighting for their existence.

As a photographer, as an American, and as a human being I have long held a profound respect for Native America who, since time immemorial, have stewarded, shaped, and defined this land that I love.

Whenever possible I strive to reach out to local indigenous people in the areas where I am working, to show my respect, to ask their blessing, and to document their continued presence so that, in my own small way, I can be an ally by bearing witness to the great works they still do and are seldom given credit for.

The images you see below are from people originating in the Great Plains, The Salish Sea, and The Koyukon River areas.

It was my privilege to be granted their permission(all photographers should ask permission first) to photograph them in their “Regalia,” which is profoundly personal clothing designed to express and to reinforce their individual and cultural identities.